Sunday, February 6, 2011

Goal #4 - Leave it Behind

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ”
by Plato


Option A: Make a list of ways you can leave your stress behind and not carry it with you into the classroom. To take this a step further, try one of these stress relievers today and share the experience with us.
Option B: Take a class period and have your students develop their own stress relief plans. The idea is that when they begin to misbehave in the classroom they are able to have time to implement their plan before they are punished.

Long-term- Develop a stress-relief routine that will ensure that even during the most stressful times of the year (i.e. testing time, grading time) you won’t be in a bad mood in the classroom. How can we begin to show our students how to develop stress routines for themselves? Spend a class having students work in pairs or groups to share their stress-relief plans. To go further, when the students are stressed and act up then remind them of their plans and allow them the time to try this out instead of just punishing the student.

How will I be pro-active about stress this week?

  • Clean out those drawers (yes "those" drawers) in my desk... c'mon you have them too!
  • Bring back plants into the Media Lab (a great way to soften the edges of the tech world)
  • Identify more ways to delegate work to students (they can learn to upgrade FlashPlayer!)
  • Be sure to chat a bit with students when class begins instead of jumping right into the work
  • Add the latest student pictures to the walls
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify

I found some articles with lists that may give some further ideas:

50 Quick Ways to Reduce School Stress

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10 Ways to Reduce a Teachers' Classroom Stress

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