Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extension - #2 Re-Evaluate Value

After some reflection on Goal #2 and my belief in letting students take more control of their learning, I asked out on Twitter:

How often do you let students assess/evaluate YOU?
And what's the best method to do so?

Some great responses that further the discussion!  Thanks to my great PLN for adding to the conversation.

@MisterEason is ready to empower students with anonymous forms for feedback knowing that there is the possibility for some harsh answers.  And we should be prepared for that.  But perhaps we can work on building trust and communication with our students.  That goes a long way.

I like the idea of regular assessment from the students so that they get used to it and feel that they are part of the learning process.  @TziPittinsky does just that and modifies tests, preparation, etc. depending on his survey results that are on every test.

@ileducprof has students assess teaching and content in the middle and end of a trimester.  I would love to delve further into the idea of "formal" vs. "informal" teacher assessment and how the questions might differ for each.

Seeing that forms/surveys seem to be a popular method to elicit student assessment responses, my next query is this:

If you put together a survey for students to assess you,
what would your most effective question be?

Some interesting questions that have me thinking about what my own question would be.

Here is a mix of trust/communication between student and teacher (@ateachingheart), the extension of learning beyond the classroom (@pamfb7557), and the inclusion of students in the planning/teaching process (@8rinaldi).  All very important components of a successful learning experience.  Our questions can be as diverse as our own teaching styles and belief systems about what is most important in a learning environment.

This is fascinating, don't you think?  What would YOUR most important question be to elicit student assessment on your teaching methods, delivery of content, the content itself, how you assess, etc.?  How can student input help us to refine all of this so we are the most effective at doing our job?

Would love input... what are your thoughts?

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